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constagCUBE is IT Service Management as a Service

The key aspect of IT Service Management as a Service is, that you can pick only those parts of the ITIL framework, which apply to your business. In this way even you, as a medium-sized enterprise, can profit of a structured implementation of ITIL by only applying the disciplines that bring you benefits.

The constagCUBE® Solution

For this purposes we have developed the constagCUBE®: IT Services Management broken down into clearly structured sense-units, practice oriented, at a fixed price. The units are defined in the form of CUBEs, comprehensible and functional ITIL Service Management Modules, which can be fitted seamlessly and gradually in to your daily actions. You will thereby prevent excessive demands on the company, on the IT as well as on the business side. All of it is financially predictable -- and affordable. Your investment protection is guaranteed by a clear product strategy.

The services of constagCUBE include:

  • User support
  • Service inventory
  • Self Service
  • Servicecatalogue(s)
  • Control Center
  • Production Management
  • Emergency Management
  • Solution Management
  • Satisfaction Management
  • Desaster & Recovery
  • Reporting

The constagCUBE® architecture

Each Service Management unit contains various subsections, so that they are functioning and can be lived in an IT organisation. This is why we decided on constagCUBE®, in order to be able to reflect this multidimensionality.

Each constagCUBE® has a name. Its content consists of processes, organisational definitions, training, baccalaureate degree (R1-R2) and tools.

The constagCUBE® is based on a layered model. Just as the CUBEs, the layers (L1-L5) also correspond to sense-units. In principle they build on each other and increase in the degree of complexity.

IT Service Management as a Service with constagCUBE

Cloud Service Management

We provide a Swiss cloud solution including all the functions based on a client installation, so that you do not have to worry about even more technology. constag as your IT Service Management partner is responsible, for ensuring that the entire tool implementation is carried out correctly and is adapted to the different modules.

constag fully manages the IT Service Management System based on the constagCUBEs. We ensure, together with our professional Swiss cloud partner, that your IT provides optimal support for your business processes.

ITSM Solution

OMNITRACKER is a software platform based on the latest technology and comprises a base system, basic components and applications as process modules. the applications are the actual core piece: Easy configurable and executable, a wide range of "out-of-the-box" solutions are provided to choose from.

constag is the Swiss implementation partner of OMNINET, developer and supplier of the PinkVerify certified ITSM tool OMNITRACKER. Thus we can offer the entire Service Management IT spectrum from a sincle source. Holistic support throughout the entire Service Lifecycle without media breaks.

Take a look at our constagCUBE® advertisement movie.

constag is your partner for the entire IT Lifecycle: Benefit from our ITIL certification and and our long-standing experience in the field of IT processes. Obtain from us exactly what you need. Operate together with us a powerful "IT factory" with standardised and reusable Services.

Further information on our product website:

constagCUBE is accompanied by other constag products. constagQUEST is taking care of your IT user satisfaction, constagCUSTOM offers additional Omnitracker integrations or applications and with constagCHANGE you provide for sustainable IT organisational development.

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