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Today high quality demands are placed on the IT organisations and its management. Therefore, IT organisations need to focus on competence, efficiency and transparency - in the sense of knowledge and agreement - of IT Services offered. Briefly: It is all about how you manage your IT services.

For example, Service Management as a Service

We have gained experience in the introduction of IT Service Management through several projects. We have created a number of Service catalogues and advised and supported our customers on their subsequent integration into an existing or new  ITSM Tool. The IT processes are of particular importance. With their optimisation, IT organisations achieve the highest increase in efficiency with higher customer satisfaction. With our knowledge from various large-scale enterprises, we had the vision to offer IT Service Management to medium-sized companies in a modular, cost-transparent, needs-based and efficient way from a single source.

For us, the result is the clear focus, because our objective is to solve problems for the customer. In this way we complement our Service Management services with ICT consulting, well proven know-how in management, IT Management as well as Project and Process Management to provide a comprehensive package of services. In all our IT services we use modern neuroscience, so that we are understood by employees and stakeholders. This understanding not only saves time but also money.

In IT Service Management we can specifically assist with:

  • Consultation on and design of (gradual) inplementation of IT Service Management
  • Implementation of State-of-the-Art Services from the Cloud
  • Customizing of interfaces between constagCUBEs and customer specific applications and platforms
  • Creation, provision and evaluation of standardised IT user satisfaction surveys

These activities can be obtained – dpending on the task – bundled in one of our specifically aligned  IT Service Management products:


Obtained by medium-sized enerprises as Service Management as a Service in the form of clearly structured an appropriately compiled Service Management modules at a fixed price.

You can find more detailed information regarding Service Management as a Service on the constagCUBE IT Service Management product page.


Provides customised integration activities for linking customer specific applications or platforms to the constag Cloud Service Management platform.

You can find more detailed information regarding the Omnitracker platform, which we operate ourselfs as an IT-Service Management Cloud for our customers on the constagCUSTOM OMNITRACKER product page.


Provides the complete IT Service Management spectre from a single source. Service strategy and design, realisation of IT transition and IT operations, implemented in OMNITRACKER without concept and media disruption. constag ag is OMNINET Project Partner.

You can find more detailed Information regarding the constagPLAZA OMNITRACKER product page.


Consits of the web-based management of an IT customer survey from the data collection to the evaluation as a package deal. The customer individually compiles his questions using our big question database.

You can find more detailed information regarding the IT user satisfaction survey on the constagQUEST IT satisfaction survey product page.

Medium-sized enterprises face the same challenges as large-scale enterprises, but do not have the same means. We have put things right: Obtain Service Management in a modular, cost-transparent, needs-based and efficient way from a single source – as Service.

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